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The function associates that data with the VMBus packet object, which represents the packet throughout the lifetime of the transaction. The filter engine calls a callout’s notifyFn2 callout function to notify the callout driver about events that are associated with the callout. Extensions can define as many context types as they want within their driver. A callout driver calls FwpsReleaseClassifyHandle0 to release a classification handle that was previously acquired through a call to FwpsAcquireClassifyHandle0. There are no open issues.

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The translation conforms to the current system locale information.

MSI MS-6877 MN54G Mini PCIexpress WiFi 54Mbps 802.11bg

The NdisStallExecution function stalls the caller on the current processor for a given interval. The NdisAcquireRWLockRead function obtains a read lock that the caller uses for read access to resources that are shared among driver threads.

NdisMapFile The NdisMapFile function maps an already open file into a caller-accessible buffer if the file is currently unmapped. Retrieves the MultiString-valued registry entry associated with a value name in the specified configuration object. The NdisAllocateTimerObject function allocates and initializes a timer object for use with subsequent NdisXxx timer functions.

The NdisIMGetBindingContext function allows an NDIS protocol driver gista access the device context area, which was created by an underlying intermediate driver, for viista virtual miniport to which the higher level protocol driver is bound.

The NdisGetCurrentSystemTime function returns the current system time, suitable for setting timestamps. The WskGetAddressInfo function performs protocol-independent translation from a vosta name to a transport address. NdisEnumerateFilterModules The NdisEnumerateFilterModules function enumerates all the filters modules and filter intermediate driver instances in a filter stack. With free msi ms driver xp. NdisMWriteLogData transfers driver-supplied information into the log file for consumption and display by a driver-dedicated Win32 application.


Retrieves the data that is currently assigned to a specified registry value, stores the data in a framework-allocated buffer, and creates a framework memory object to represent the buffer. The VmbChannelCleanup function disposes of a channel that was allocated by using the VmbChannelAllocate function or initialized by using a VMBus channel initialization function.

Releases the handle to the registry key that is associated with an adapter configuration object and then deletes the adapter configuration object. The NetConfigurationAssignUnicodeString method assigns a specified Unicode string to a specified value name in the registry. The NdisUnmapFile function releases a virtual address mapping of a file previously set up with the NdisMapFile function. Do not vixta this structure.

Networking drivers for Windows Vista and later – Windows driver | Microsoft Docs

The ProviderSetObject function sets information that is associated with a network interface. For the programming guide, see Networking drivers for Windows Vista and later.

The channel will be offered to clients running in the specified VTL and no others. The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay.

The NdisOidRequest function forwards a request to the underlying drivers to query the capabilities or status of an adapter or set the state of an adapter.


Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Starting with NDIS 6. There are no open issues. The VmbChannelInitSetMaximumPacketSize function sets the maximum packet size that can be delivered through a channel, which is the maximum size that will ever be specified by the VmbPacketSend function. The NdisCurrentGroupAndProcessor function returns the group-relative processor number and group number of the current processor.

Calculates the number of ms-677 contained in a range of the specified net ring buffer. A client driver’s EvtMbbDeviceSendServiceSessionData event callback function sends device service session data down to its modem device.

Reserved for internal use. The WskDisconnect function disconnects a connection-oriented or stream socket from a remote transport address. Returns all packets in a datapath queue’s packet ring buffer that have the Completed flag set, up to a specified range.

Download Msi Ms Drivers File. The NetAdapterOffloadSetChecksumCapabilities method sets the hardware checksum offload capabilities of a network adapter. The EvtVmbPacketCompletionRoutine callback function is invoked when the transaction associated with a sent packet is complete. NdisCoCreateVc sets up a connection endpoint from which a client can make outgoing calls or on which a stand-alone call manager can dispatch incoming calls.