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See both options Collapse. To be honest, it represents accurately the existing light level in that corner of the garage. Battery performance was average to below average. The flash is on the weak side when compared to other ultra zoom cameras, as well. Summary Buy it now!

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Dec 22, video. It would be nice to have a controller instead of arrow buttons and some manual exposure options, but otherwise the Panasonic TZ1 is a pleasure to use, and just missed a Dave’s Pick due to the extreme lens flare over half of the zoom range.

Exposure Parameters Exposure Metering. With exposure simplified to EV compensation, a low price, and some exciting features for available light photography, the Panasonic TZ1 is designed to appeal to the amateur who knows a good deal when they see one.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 Review

Calendar View shows images arranged by date shot. Whatever the TZ1 costs, Panasonic didn’t scrimp on Movie mode.

Do note that you need a high speed card 50X or higher in order to use this feature. Whilst not what you’d call ‘pocketable’ unless you have very large pocketsthe TZ1 is considerably less bulky than its ‘SLR-like’ siblings and their competitorsand, though it offers little in the way of truly manual control, it lujix packed with features.

Panasonic Lumix TZ1 Specs – CNET

It’s an innovative idea to make a 10x zoom with a folded optic, and I enjoyed all the pictures I shot with it. Three Scene modes — Aerial photo, Beach, and Underwater — beg to be tried away from home.


We think those printing only 4×6 images will be plenty happy with the TZ1, but we just can’t give it our top recommendation. Mode 1 and Mode 2. Is it just out of focus? The important controls are well-placed. Travel Date Setting can, if you enter your departure time, and date, organize your images by the day of the trip.

For longer movies you can cut the resolution to xor the frame rate to 10 fps which is not a good idea.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1 Review | Digital Camera Resource Page

Lunix camera doesn’t support the USB 2. Hand Held Long Zoom. We expect some flare in the corners on most lenses, but flare that insinuates itself across the frame is objectionable. The other is the menu you’re used to seeing on Panasonic’s other cameras. French company GT Company has licensed the AgfaPhoto brand and launched a range of new budget products. Gear of the Year – Dan’s choice: The camera lets rotate, resize, and crop your photos in playback mode.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ1

The test scene you see above is taken here in my studio, and it’s comparable between cameras. Will Mirrorless change cellphone photography. Windows users get two additional products on the software CD. The camera is powered by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack. As you’d expect, the camera is PictBridge-enabled for direct printing to a compatible photo printer.


We’re not sure if it’s due to introducing a small mirror into the optic and then magnifying the results — which must introduce quite a bit of error into the equation — or some other factor such as longitudinal CA, but there’s a significant purple glow that bleeds into most dark objects that are surrounded by white, which suggests a serious design flaw in the Panasonic TZ1’s 10x lens design.

A nice set of scene modes provides plenty of options for the casual shooter. There’s a Simple mode that limits the menu system to one screen of four options. Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years.

But the Panasonic TZ1’s Hi Sensitivity Scene mode does an exceptional job, delivering sharp, colorful images in very low light. That said, the TZ1 is still very small for an ultra zoom. Lumix Simple Viewer shown hz1 does just what it sounds like: With tz11 in mind, it’s a very good idea to buy a spare battery.

It takes just one second for the TZ1 to “warm up” before you can start taking pictures.