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Old Samples not supported: I had the problem that candump showed nothing. Everything works fine for me till step 6. Visit peliCAN Project is on external server. Make both scripts executable: We also used same familiar blue transparent color for the enclosure and the LEDs inside could be seen through enclosure as on the CAN This is a 32bit application and will not work together with the 64bit driver DLL package!

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This terminal software is nice in the way you can see non printable characters. Introduction to drivers and lzwicel is needed: When the program uses the can bus of the board we need to provide the linux can interface to the linux PC and here canusb modules come to play their roles. Email Required, but never shown. If something goes wrong wou will need a Windows DVD to repair the bootmanager.

The NetworkManager has a problem with slcan0, but that appears also when creating slcan0 manually as described above. These are great instructions, and I got them to work no problem on my laptop that has Ubuntu Check slcan for functionality again: Sorry I never used avahi, but this sounds more like a note to me. It is available as open source GPL v.


Regarding the USB cable length, check with your local dealer which length they stock or supply was default. Maybe i need to cook a real patch for the slcan driver to let Alan Cox take a look on it with some attached kernel oopses – or we need to investigate how the pppd does his job when switching the line discipline to the slip0 and back I guess socketcan binds ttyUSBx to slcanx.

The procedure seems to work most times is: Right now we cannot answer any support related questions on this project, contact the vendor for support and info. CANUSB connectors are very popular in windows world but there are little documentations on how to use them with a linux pc or in the other words canusb linux are not very known. It could be an executable, picture or a story. The main reason for this is that since Windows 8.

It is working fine except the automatic plug. Now with the new design we put the components on one side only and made an enclosure to fit that design.


CANUSB Linux : Software Blog

The project is not hosted on this site, so if links do not work, contact the vendor. The interface looks just the same as with udev.

I am using Tegra-Ubuntu. Yeah, the ppp driver seems to handle this well, so would definitely be a good starting point.

Userspace Lawicel “CANUSB” device via libftdi

Use our contact form in our webshop to get in contact with us. So can any one suggest where exactly i get lawiccel kernel object vcan fro my ARM device.

It’s up to you: There are 3 types available: We changed PID February April um The instructions here is at your own risk, but it is easy to make Windows 8 to accept non signed drivers. However, my next step was to put this on a raspberry pi. Everything works fine for me till step 6.

Agreed, this would incurr an overhead Linnux um