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When setting the bus speed and CPU multiplier, it is important to choose settings that run the processor at its actual rated speed rather than the labeled performance equivalent. If the retention mechanism needs to be replaced, e. Slot 1 processors do not require voltages to be set manually. Forcing that pin down into the post expands the bottom of the post on the far side of the motherboard, securing the post to the motherboard. Share this post Link to post Easston intel easton 2 deea2 other sites. In that situation, no damage is done. Once the system boots normally, enter CMOS Setup and make whatever changes, if any, the processor documentation recommends.

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Posted November 18, Everest Ultimate Edition 3.

So, the first rule is to make sure that the retention mechanism accepts the processor. Or should she just gut the thing? Although mainstream slotted processors are now obsolescent, they remain in limited s815eea2. May 25, Messages: The new HDD should fix the insufficient memory error. Once you have the system up and running, install the updated BIOS before you do anything else.

For example, some processors convert a 1. The following sections describe the steps required to install itnel configure standard slotted and socketed processors. One day, after three lockups in as many hours, Robert who is a procrastinator finally decided to do something about it. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the system.


The faster clock speed and larger L2 cache of the Pentium II yielded performance nearly twice that of the original processor, which inhel that system from marginal to more than sufficient for the gateway and mail server tasks to which it is devoted.

If your motherboard is like this, lift the vertical supports until they snap into place. Warning Before you install a processor, make absolutely sure the processor is compatible with the motherboard. The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. In particular, the portion d8115eea2 the heatsink that overhangs the processor may come into contact with capacitors and other components that protrude above the motherboard.

If the cooling device is not already installed on the processor, install it now. A faster slotted processor may be a worthwhile upgrade for an iintel system.

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But if you install a recent model Socket 7 processor in an older motherboard, be very certain that that motherboard can supply the proper lower voltages required by the new processor and that it is configured to do so. AMD Slot A processors are a much simpler matter. If your package contains eastoh a supplemental support, install it on the processor according to the instructions provided with it.

SharkerSep 22, Some motherboards provide higher bus speeds, often including 75 and 83 MHz. I whould be glad of more help.

Warning If you are upgrading an older system with a faster processor, do not assume that you can use the old heatsink. If you are installing a Slot 1 or later processor, skip to the following section.


is memory compatable?

This may require applying significant pressure, but you should feel and hear the processor seat. Installing a Slotted Processor. Read through the processor documentation before proceeding. The mottling visible on the processor is the remnants of the thermal pad from the old heatsink.

High-quality motherboards are often over-engineered, using larger VRMs than necessary to support the processors they were designed for. If the processor does not seat easily, remove it, verify that the pins align correctly, and try to seat it again. Take great care to observe anti-static procedures while you are handling the processor. Posted November 19, Also how big eatson the drive you have in it now? If you purchase an OEM processor with an attached fan, that package may or may not fit the standard retention mechanism although it usually does fit.

Faster processors may generate more heat, and may require either a larger heatsink or active cooling a heatsink with an integrated fan. In some cases, that difference is as trivial as different BIOS versions, which is easily fixed.