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Up to kbps over a shared channel Receive: The domain name system DNS is an internet service that is required because the Internet does not recognize the text-based web address or e-mail address that you type into your Web browser or e-mail application. SIM card inserted in wrong direction. Minimum symmetrical rate — From the drop-down list, choose the minimum data rate that you are prepared to accept for your Streaming connection. Following are brief summaries of these solutions:.

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When incoming data arrives at an access point in the core network, a packet classifier will make a PDP context selection based on the traffic flow template, and map the incoming data packets into the PDP context with the correct Uughes attributes.

Fault code Symptoms Network service is not available — Invalid position. Enter a new four-digit pass code and yughes OK. This may occur when the signal from either satellite is blocked by an obstacle.

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Substitute any number in place of the? Make sure that SIM card is inserted right way.

However, in multimedia applications such as voice and video, the header can significantly affect performance. When will you ship it back?


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Fixed number dialling, Call barring and Call divert does not prevent emergency calling. IF NO, use the onboard audiovisual system to set the azimuth and angle of the unit to the highest-pitch sound and the most number of green lights on the unit. Please reconnect your PC if you desire service. Causes Network service not available because the GPS position is not valid.

The satellite mobile phone requires the antenna to be fully extended. Make sure the unit is turned off before replacing the SIM. Because of backward compatibility, older and slower LaunchPad is using one port for communication with the terminal, and one port for the USB modem connecting to network. Fault code Symptoms Network connection failure — ThurayaIP terminal implicitly detached by the network. When the satellite disappears from view, an attempt is made to hand the call to another satellite.

Possible causes could be: To cancel all call barring, select Options and select Cancel all barring.

Your mobile 99201 should have a clear view of the sky. Hardware access points are used as an extension of an existing wired network. An IP address is made up of four huyhes of numbers between 0 andseparated by periods. The other options you have for managing the terminal are as follows: Access points generally can serve at least 50 users, so exceeding the connection limits is rarely an issue.


Multicast traffic is supported. Click on OK, and try making the IP data connection again. Advantages of wireless networking: You will be asked to select a PIN number 4 characters or morethen you will be asked to leave your name.

Hughes 9201

Troubleshooting and Resolution SIM card was incorrectly programmed. You can then dial the short code 57 to pick up your voice mail message.

VPNs are particularly critical when you are using a public hot spot. Causes Network connection failure because the requested QoS was rejected by the Network. A static global IP address can also be used with the terminal for applications where a constant Internet address is needed for something like a web server or video streaming box. In order for you to deactivate the PDP, you must power down the terminal.