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Ships from Los Angeles, CA. Assesses system health at boot time with selectable levels of testing. In addition to robust management tools, service tools can be invaluable in quickly resolving system problems. HP Vision Diagnostics Offline Edition The diagnostics utility must be booted from USB or CD, and enables you to perform testing and to view critical computer hardware and software configuration information from various sources. Intel Hyper-Threading Technology brings high-performance applications into mainstream computing with threads optimized for a new generation multi-core processor architecture.

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Universal Serial Bus Revision 1. Configures graphics cards per workstation slots. Specify an Ownership Tag, which appears when the workstation is powered on or restarted.

The following is the default boot order presented in the menu:. Keyboard—Enables you to set the keyboard locale for System ID entry.

It provides these options:. It supports Hyper-Threading which allows two threads to run simultaneously on each core — so the operating system recognizes 24 total cores on this model, 12 real and 12 virtual. Press F10 to accept the changes, and then select Apply Defaults and Exit. Yes, on tool-free internal chassis components.

Low profile, single PCIe slot design with full height bracket. Choose an optional second graphics card.


HP Z Workstation – The Computer Setup (F10) Utility | HP® Customer Support

Likelihood of Turbo Boost operation increases when fewer cores are active. Exits workstation setup without applying or saving changes.

This selection appears only when at least one drive capable of performing the IDE DPS self-test is attached to the workstation.

Only supported with W chassis. On-site service may be provided pursuant to a service contract between HP and an authorized HP third-party provider, and is not available in certain countries. If the selected translation mode is not compatible with the translation mode that was active when the drive was partitioned and formatted, the data on the disk is inaccessible. Advanced video capabilities, including high fidelity gamma, color correction and scaling.

Minimum of 2 hard drives needed. Turn the workstation off, then on, and press F10 again to access the utility. This product has received or is in the process of being certified to the following approvals and may be labeled with one or more of these marks:. When attached to the workstation, the keyboard and mouse remain locked until the power-on password is entered. As part of its commitment to hardware, software, and ethernft innovation, HP is proud to introduce this breakthrough platform configuration stability to HP Workstation customers.


DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4. Configure the lower optical bay with an additional optical drive, hard drive, or solid-state drive. How does HP install software and gather data?

HP Z Workstation

This mode prohibits code from running in pages that were set up as data pages, and prevents attacks such as buffer overflows. Active Cores 1,2, or All Cores —Selects a single core, or multiple cores per socket.

Choose more memory to improve overall system performance. This product has received or is in the process of being certified to the following approvals and may be labeled with one or more of these marks: Terms and conditions may vary by country. To recycle your product, please go to: Setting a device to Available enables the operating system to access the device.

HP Z800 Workstation Product Specifications

To enable the Embedded Security Device and to access any security features sthernet with the device, you must enter a setup password. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

Recovers corrupted system BIOS.