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It is imperative that these base-ceiling pairs match up when the hardware reads them. If you have designed your own hardware using a new LCD, I’m afraid you’re going to be on your own to get it functioning unless you can provide schematics, your FPGA code, and some hardware for us to support you with. I’m still seeing wrong colors, of course. I now see a raster on the DVI-based monitor. I assume it’s in there somewhere, but please confirm for me. BTW, we figured out how to do the bitmaps. I’m guessing that there’s another step needed, at the Linux level.

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If so, let me know. Added by Otmar Schlunk over 8 years ago.

The LCD va8xx-fb wiki page has been started that will cover the information you need. If you know which path you’d like to head down I’ll try to add that information first. You’ll need to contact Tom Catalino or someone in sales for details about that.

fbdev: da8xx-fb: fix videomodes of lcd panels [Linux 3.10.102]

In the linux kernel, you will need to modify the following 2 files: But Android is designed to work with double buffered mode and increasing no.

Added by Otmar Schlunk over 8 years ago We are trying to figure out how to get video out of the board and had a couple of questions. After you are up and running, could you please run a i2cdump -y 2 0x38 and post or email me the results? BTW, we figured out how to do the bitmaps.


I can, however, point you to the relevant source code that you will need to modify to set the timings for the video portion, etc. I’m guessing that there’s another step needed, at the Linux level. Please note as of Wednesday, August 15th, this da8zx-fb has been set to read only. Meanwhile, the DMA uses the current values of those registers for the next frame immediately after firing the interrupt.

Also describes root cause and its solution. I’m still seeing wrong colors, of course. Currently entering to this condition is narrowed down smallest possible extent ld disabling system wide interrupts. Yes, actually, we do see a Linux prompt and cursor on that screen.

Are we setting some environment variable here? Having 3 user DDR buffers will also solve the issue. I’ve got a true DVI da8x-fb hooked to the unit, as required. Would be nice to get this more automated if we can figure out why it’s not showing up, but again that’s not a show-stopper.

da8xs-fb Application follows below steps:. Also we note that frames are displayed with delay of one frame period, which is may not acceptable to the user. Schlunk, The kernel included in the development kit provided should have the necessary code installed to support either the DVI interface or the LCD panel interface.


Any recent changes to that? I’ll have the Critical Link-recommended panel here tomorrow and will start working with it then.

That is we could be updating in host CPU keep out region. Ldc the Host CPU updates only the base register and has not had a chance to update the ceiling register when the DMA engine does the read. Text is blue and the penguin at the upper left is blue and green.

drivers/video/da8xx-fb.c – pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/tomba/linux – Git at Google

All the files show up at the bottom of the wiki. Unfortunately, it lcf me “Operation not permitted” errors whenever I try to read or write the device, so although it’s there I can’t change the image. A few oddities, da8xx-fbb I’m now able to at least talk to the frame buffer. Do you have a specific tool you know about for converting to RGB format?

I then did the configuration commands found on the LCD configuration Wiki page.