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But I am finding it hard to find a supplier with availabilty for a e in the uk. Also, for what it’s worth, that’s an chip: Actually, I’m sure the PicoPSU could handle the idle load, but the startup current draw would probably nuke it. Sat Jul 11, 4: Though lowest wattage may be appealing, I guess motherboard’s fan control plays an important role as well.

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I didn’t spend any time looking at BIOS fan control, other than a quick glance.

Vieo always been curious, though: Sun Jul 05, But periodically, it would shoot up to 50 watts for a second, then dip down to 35 watts for a second or two, then go back to 40 watts. The charts also illustrate overall performance, popularity and rank. BLR-User, 5 months ago.

Biostar A760G M2+ – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 / AM2+ – AMD 760G

It got interesting when I started doing network performance tests using the nttcp program. I won’t say equivalents because the signs are not so good for power consumption which perhaps will lead to a long ETA. I’d wager that it’s power usage is on par with the Intel board I used, probably even lower. These requirements are, in rough order of importance: I’m going from memory here, but bioetar no hard drives on my test setup i.


I went through the BIOS, and made the following changes: I have just done some due diligence from a cost perspective. How I know that I was hoping for an official answer from AMD, but my question went unanswered.

I’d like to run all my apps, with the lowest possible wattage. Mon Jul 13, 1: However, the interface wasn’t activated. Shouldn’t be too terribly hard, as long as you can drill and have access to tin snips or a dremel tool.

Thanks for the info. Why buy processing power that might never be used. Users browsing this forum: Also, for what it’s worth, that’s an chip: I guess you could control cpu fan viideo on Biostar G board.

Biostar AG M2+ – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket AM2 / AM2+ – AMD G Overview – CNET

Other than the drives, the only thing I would change from this test setup to production is a bigger power supply. Only if manufacturers spent little more time on writing actual data sheets for their products instead of a760b all their pretty logos. I don’t have any experience with the G31 chipset, but I’ve seen a number of people on this site build low-power systems with it.


Tue Jul 14, Effective speed is adjusted by current prices to yield a value for money rating which is geared towards gamers. For what it’s worth, the Biostar 2m has two fan headers.

What is quad core floating point speed? Athlon II X2 D. Matt, thanks for your research and data re the e with Nic.

Matt, Thanks for the info. In reality, I probably don’t need the fan, but the “downward” orientation of the SI allows all the other motherboard components to get a little bit of airflow as well. Also for this kind of setup, could I get away with the picoPSU?